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Frequently asked questions

Our company is considering launching a continuing education program to educate the dental community about our products. Is this something CE PROFS can help us with?

Please visit our continuing education management company Virtual Dontics. We assist organizations that are in the beginning stages of a continuing education program to well-established programs. We suggest setting up a 30 minute time to speak with us so we may learn more and determine the best way to assist you. We suggest having everyone involved with your continuing education program available. To meet with us schedule a convenient time here: or send us a text 888-964-3976.

Our company has presented our own online courses in the past. After marketing and paying a speaker honorarium - we didn't get as many registrants as we hoped to have. How can we work with you to improve our program?

Visit Virtual Dontics, our continuing education management company. We will speak to you about your challenges and how we may assist you. Most companies underestimate the infrastructure and program coordination involved to fully manage and promote their own continuing education program. Rather than focus on their business development and production, they are forced to pull resources from other departments, assigning the event to an associate, marketing, and sales, to make it all work. This can result in a Herculean Effort with challenged program coordination and a disappointing outcome. Virtual Dontics® can help you by managing the event from program coordination, registration to post-event reporting. We will market your event to help you achieve the best qualified audience and improve the registration numbers. We will also work across departments involved: marketing, sales, education to help you achieve the best outcome. Set up a time to meet with us and we can together determine the best approach to fit your needs:

I am a speaker and present at dental conferences. Can you hire me?

CE PROFS does not directly hire speakers, but the many organizations we work with do. They are always seeking well qualified speakers. We are a professional Speakers Bureau consisting of leading experts and highly skilled speakers. Contact CE PROFS© Speakers Bureau to learn more. We will have you submit initial information. We do not charge registration fees, we instead work on a commission basis.

I am a dentist looking for Dental CE Webinars. Do you offer any and what is the cost?

Please visit our platform, Dental CE Academy© where we offer live and on demand continuing education dental ce webinars including many free dental ce webinars. Our courses are evidence based, back by science, to improve patient outcomes. Our speakers are leading experts in their field of expertise. We also offer high caliber trainings that lead to various cerifications such as laser dentistry. Learn more and register here:

Our dental implant company is in need of highly qualified speakers. Is this something CE PROFS can assist us with?

Most definitely! Our speakers are pre-screened for their qualifications, prior speaking engagement and references. Don't leave your next event to luck. Depend upon our qualified speakers to drive registration and a successful event. A great speaker is a must for any continuing education program, event, or trade show. Contact us here to provide more information about your event. Our team of experts will assist you in helping you determine the right fit.